Time and Space is Body – Yukio Waguri

Dominique and Yukio Waguri at the Art Centre

© Dominique Baron-Bonarjee 2015

In the last three years, I interviewed a number of artists and dancers directly or indirectly linked to Butoh. I have published most of these conversations on this blog  at some point so as to share these exchanges publicly.

Today I am publishing a conversation I had with Yukio Waguri, one of the main dancers working with Tatsumi Hijikata in the 1970s. Waguri continues to teach, dance and discuss his experiences of this important time in the choreographic development of Butoh.

In this interview we discuss in great depth the development of Butoh-Fu by Hijikata as well as considering the implications of a choreographic system.

This conversation was facilitated by the Hijikata Archive at the Art Centre, Keio University. I wish to sincerely thank Mr Takashi Morishita for organising this interview and offering the meeting room and especially a very sincere thank you to Yu Homma who was present through out the conversation and provided an excellent translation of the more complex aspects of this interview.

7 August 2014, Hijikata Archive, Art Centre, Keio University, Tokyo

 Waguri Yukio and Dominique Baron-Bonarjee

 Translator: Homma Yu


This interview is no longer available online