“It is not only nothingness (mu), but here ‘nothing’ has a form, this is exactly the space that Butoh is searching for…Dominique is searching for a new invisible space which only comes out of her body, beyond any intellectual meanings.”  Shinichi Takeshige, Tokyo dance critic

BLACK RED WHITE is a trilogy of performances created during a period of residency in Japan.


Black reimagines the creation and destruction which occur inside the black box. Inspired by minimalist sculpture and responding to Michael Fried’s criticism of the theatricality of such objects. BLACK takes place around a cuboid form filled with black sumi ink. The BLACK the cube, once defiled and broken, produces the ink for the possibility of a new writing of presence.

photos | Sasha Drozd

Performance, mixed media installation, and live sound composition

Costume: rubber bicycle tubes / Masks | paper and wood / Black cube |  perspex, water and sumi ink / Programme: eggs, sumi ink, paper / Ikebana installation by Yose Morishita: flowers, driftwood, acrylic paint / Music & sound collaboration: Arihiro Yamada


Galler éf, Asakusa Tokyo 2013

Development residency and showing, Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, Yokohama, 2012


Red developed from BLACK and focuses on the form of the body in order to interrogate how the aesthetics of gender appear. Through a geometrical costume it recreates an image of ‘woman’ by contrasting beauty and the abject, in dialogue with Judith Butler’s notion of the ‘performativity’ of gender. This piece has developed into the work Sui Generis as a film, installation and performance.


Costume installation |  stretch jersey and waterproof fabric

Commissioned for the Festival of Foreign Dancers, Keio University, Japan (2013)


Isamu Noguchi Room, Tokyo, 2013 (with Yosuke Fujita); Tatwerk, Berlin, 2014; Hagiso Gallery Tokyo, 2014; Funkhaus, Berlin, 2016


White is a ‘return to language’, where words are forms of power. Physically responding to recorded instructions, the performer obeys and moves until the voice goes silent.  Then a different listening begins as internal processes of micro-movement start to move the body unpredictably.

The question is where does hierarchy exist within the body, as listening moves from cognitive to embodied response?

photos | Sasha Drozd, Olaf Kramzik


Butoh Exchange International Dancers Series,Tokyo 2015 |  Art Centre, Keio University

Solo Butoh Exhibition, CCCP Gallery, Tokyo 2014 | curated by Natsu Nakajima.



Video documentation available on request





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