Sui Generis

Sui Generis: ‘In a class of its own, not like anything else, unique’.


[ Still from film, digital print]

Sui Generis is concerned with Deleuze’s notion of ‘territorialization’ as  a need to define existence through the creation of ‘frames’ that capture, slow down and make sense of chaos according to Elizabeth Grosz. Sui Generis explores unfamiliar spaces in the body and through the body.

Three monolithic costumes serve as a protective membrane, which both frames and conceals the body, allowing the body to become formless and to recreate itself, as forms emerge to become visible momentarily, invoking a primal and intuitive imagination to apprehend them. Taking inspiration from ‘drapery’ in art history as a way to veil the human (female) form and intensify its mystery, the cloth itself comes to usurp the form beneath it.

Photography | Galia Yotova, Water Tower Arts Festival 2016




[ Photo | Estrella Melero]


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