ROTA (“rota” etymologically means “wheel”) provides a seemingly mundane but extremely important component within the coexistence of the Post-Otherness  flat share – cleaning and its deeper social and psychological importance. By positing cleaning and its characteristic of circular repetition within the shared space, Dominique explores an immanent message: where territorialization is achieved by leaving traces, possible heterotopias, erasure deterritorializes the space once again, allowing momentary utopias.

Using the gallery’s dishwasher, as a hidden ‘co-laborator’ in this cycle, ROTA interweaves human / animate, technology / inanimate, past / present  rhythms. It examines imperceptible resonances that arise in day-to-day interchange within social spaces. Cleaning becomes a way to deterritorialize, to face the ‘unheimlich’ as it continuously breaks down the homeliness of the familiar, as it removes traces.

Mixed media installation

Charcoal, graphite pencil, marker pen, found cups, HD video & sound, sound composition, interviews, live performance, gold paint