Pas de Deux

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Inspired by ballet’s final curtain I imagined a situation where the dancer was unable to emerge from it, becoming trapped in the performance space.

Combining film, animation, installation and live performance ‘Pas de Deux’ creates a space where theatrical symbols: become the elements of illusory narratives. Inner and outer perception oscillates within a visually charged environment; set amongst the remains of broken balloons, and a film projection of a red curtain that refuses to open.

[Documentation available on request]


Red Curtain |  film projection


Screened as part of 'Infinite Variety' at the Charing Cross Theatre, London, September 2009


Red installation | broken rubber balloons


Mask construction: Matt Jackson
Sound composition: Dominique with elements by Matt Jackson and Justin Perlman.

Hackney Empire, London 2010 |  Bergen (Norway) 2010 | Barcelona Butoh Festival 2010 | Little Room, London 2013 |  Japan: Block House Gallery (Najomo Art Project), Tokyo 2013 | Chiyoda Arts 3331,Tokyo 2013 |  Urban Guild, Kyoto 2013.



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