“I try to think of time, but all I can think is ‘Time is, Time was’.” Andy Warhol

Collapse No 6 Imaginary Spaces



Collapse No 5 Delphi, Greece


Participatory collapse intervention at the ancient ruins of Delphi.

Collapse No 4 Artvivors, Berlin


Collapse during the Spreeknie Festival 2016 inside the Artvivors open studio.

DSC01031 1

Collapse No 3 Manchester


Participatory collapse at Hazard 2016 in Manchester, commissioned by Håb and WordofWarning.


Collapse_StAnn_montagephoto: Tamsin Drury

photo on mobile

“Looks like something from Pompeii, people getting frozen in time” Anonymous observer

Collapse Nº2 Teufelsberg, Berlin


The Teufelsberg, one of the rare elevated areas in Berlin was created out of 75 million cubic metres of rubble and debris from World War 2. Collapse performed on 27 March 2016.


stills from HD film   |    photo: Olaf Kramzik

Collapse Nº1 Shimbashi, Tokyo


‘My dance…flaunts its aimlessness in the face of a production-oriented society.’ Tatsumi Hijikata

Shimbashi in Tokyo is the centre of the financial district. Populated by skyscrapers and rushing salarymen. Collapse performed on 30 September 2015.

still from film | photo Daniel Källberg
stills from film | photo Daniel Källberg


Prelude to Collapse, Berlin 2014

Black March Berlin  coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall was performed on 9 November 2014. After walking the length of the wall from Bornholmerstraße to Oberbaumbrücke, the artist led a small group of participants to the open runways of Tempelhofer Field where together they ended this intervention with a slow collapse onto the tarmac.

Collapse Tempelhof
photo | Saverio Tonoli

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