Black Walk, London 2013

Black Walk (London) | HAGISO Gallery Tokyo, 24 March 2013

A one day walking performance across London

East to West

Woolwich to Teddington, following the tidal Thames River.

Approximately 30 km over 10 hours.

Presented by HAGISO Gallery, Tokyo as part of ‘Third Life’ 9-31 March 2013

A nomadic practice entails flexibility, portability, lightness, risk, a stretching of limits. With ‘BLACK WALK (London)’ I wanted to stretch the space of the performance out of the gallery and across 9 time zones between Tokyo and London. The concept of “Third Space’ is one of border zones and liminality, the spaces the imagination opens up, the beginning of any journey. The performance was presented in the space of HAGISO Gallery, Tokyo on 24 March 2013, at the exact time the Black Walk began at Woolwich Foot Tunnel, London.

In London |  Laura Hypponen & Mihaela Varzari

In Tokyo |  Duncan Hume & Chie Kanazawa


HAGISO Gallery, Tokyo 2013

‘Making Tracks’ at ONCA Gallery, Brighton UK 2013

10.5 hours. No police interference. General invisibility. A few comments about Palestine 
or Ireland or a protest. No eating. Sub-zero conditions and snow.

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