Black Walk Series

‘In black lies the possibility of hope.’ Derek Jarman


Walking as ‘embodied research’ is the concept behind the Black Walks Series. Inspired by pilgrimage and revolt, the walks weave urban narratives through cities. This on-going project is comprised of 4 walks for which I have created symbols, costumes and a black flag. Kazimir Malevich’s painting ‘Black Square’ is a key inspiration where walking is a ‘return to the zero’ subverting the choreography of urban movement.

It is also an engagement towards a physiological orientation within the context of ‘nomadism’ in relation to the notion of ‘fluid identities’ as a facet of post-otherness.



3 x SD video/sound

1 x HD video/sound

maps, drawings, sound works, objects, instructions for walks, costumes, performance

Video links:

Black Walk Berlin >>

Black Walk Paris >>

Black Walk London >>

Black Walk Tokyo >>

Previous group exhibitions:

People’s History Museum, Manchester (2016)

Vargas Museum, Manila, Philippines (2015)

NIE Gallery, Singapore (2015)

Hagiso Gallery, Tokyo (2013)

Onca Gallery, Brighton UK (2013)

Parlour Showrooms, Bristol UK (2013)

Talks and presentations:

2016 Made of Walking, Animart Conference, Delphi Greece.

2015 Body in the Contemporary City, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona.

2015 Beyond Contamination, Performance Studies International PSi Conference | Aomori Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan.

2015 Where to? The future of walking arts, Falmouth University, UK.


Black Square, Kazimir Malevich