Projects & Works

Current works


Collapse Series 2015


Collapse No. 1: Shimbashi, HD video, sound

Ongoing series: more info>>


Dark Matters  | Nakanojo Biennale 2015


Live performance, light installation, sound, video

Collaboration with Kaoru Murakami

More info >>





Mixed media installation; HD video,sound; performance

Collaboration with Ryo Shimizu

More info >>


Black Walk Series 2012-2014


4 x HD video, sound

Tokyo >>       London >>      Paris >>       Berlin >>

Field Trip Project Asia, 2015 | Group exhibition: Singapore, Philippines, ongoing

Somatic Stroll, for ‘In the City Series’, Bristol 2013 (audio piece) >>


WHITE / RED Twilight / BLACK Box | performance trilogy


3 performances, video, sound and mixed media installation

more info >>


No Spitting 2011 |  Dorset Estate London


Mixed media installation; performance; video; workshops

Curated with Mihaela Varzari

More information >>


Being & Seeing  


Performance, drawing, live video

more info >>


Short performance selection  >>


Previous works


Pas de Deux   |  video installation and performance >>

Theatre of the Viscera   |   La Nef, Paris, 2010 >>

Strandings   |    Switzerland, 2008 >>

First Position   |    London, 2008 >>

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