Drawing & visuals

Drawing, painting, mark-making form part of my process, as traces of live actions. I use writing tools, biros, ballpoint pens, pencils, ink, which transmit the nervous quality of thought responding to the anxiety connected to the act of writing and recording, for legacy, futurity and to mark time. In my images, I look for the ‘unfinished’.

swarm series

ongoing series | sumi ink, acrylic, marker pen, graphite pencil (420 x 594 mm)


drawings with ball point pen (420 x 594 mm)

Inverted identities

Linocut prints on paper, various sizes, ongoing series

What is Woman?

This series followed RED,  I became interested in the visual representations of woman’s bodies in art, in photography, and on stage.

Series of six drawings | pen, ink, acrylic, collage on paper


Self-Portrait as a fox | ink on paper mache



Ongoing series | sumi ink, pen on paper

Photo research

Series of abstract photos.


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